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The Chemically Dependent programme:

Our organization helps substance abusers break their dependency on chemicals and helps transform their lives by providing the highest quality of specialized treatment, continuing care services, education and research.  The main aim and objective of this Foundation is to create a drug free generation, to make public aware of the problem, educate them that addiction is a disease and that treatment works, to help addicts and alcoholics lead a new life.

We provide a psycho-spiritual therapy based on the 12 steps of the Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous program.  For us the person is more important than the problem and, hence, we believe in the whole person recovery.  We believe in first hand intervention: the process is that we bring clients to a drug and alcohol free environment & rehabilitate them, where their personal journey of recovery begins.  Our motto is – SERVING PATIENTS, SAVING FAMILIES.

A.This programme works in the following stages:

Counselling 24 x 7 (individuals, educational Institutions, families and organisations)
Counselling is done in 3 Levels:
(1) Pre-treatment motivation,
(2) During Treatment,
(3) After-Treatment as a follow-up. This is done one-to-one to motivate people for treatment.

During treatment, trained counsellors work with the client to help resolve their issues. After treatment, the counsellors work with the clients to improve their coping skills and help them deal with issues as they come up. The counsellors work with the families of the client to help them with the affected person.

B. Detoxification & De-Addiction:

Motivating the clients is the primary phase of treatment. The secondary phase of treatment is detoxifying the client. Those seeking treatment are kept in our Detoxification Unit – where under medical supervision the client is gradually brought out of his dependency on chemicals.

After 31 days the client is then ready to be transferred to our Rehabilitation Centre.

C. Long Term Residential Holistic Treatment:

In the Tertiary phase, after detoxification the client is transferred to our Rehabilitation Centre, where he is kept under a strict time schedule. The main aim of the Rehabilitation process is to bring about a healing physically, mentally and spiritually. Through prayer, meditation N.A.(Narcotics Anonymous)/A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings, counselling and the ‘therapeutic community model’, the client starts to gain a sense of belonging and responsibility. Through the activities of the Centre the client is taught to cope with life without the use of any mood altering substance. Holistic treatment usually lasts for four months or more.

D. Abscess Management:

Most injecting drug users use dirty needles and syringes and, as a result, abscess forms at the site of injection. Those with abscesses are motivated to seek treatment. During the detoxification period, these abscesses are treated.