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Are You An Addict
Take a self test, kindly check the boxes which suits you the best and find out whether you are an addict or not. If you find out that you are an addict please visit the Reach us page and fill out the form to get a councelling from one of our councellours.
Take the self test now
1. Do you use alcohol or drugs to get away from things that bother you or are hard to face? Do you find that using alcohol or drugs brings relief from the troubles you are experiencing in your life?
2. Do you find that you use alcohol or drugs to try and solve your problems and things that bother you?
3. Do you find that it is taking more alcohol or more of a drug to achieve the desired effect; than it used to? Has the amount you consume increased significantly over time?
4. Are there times that you find it hard to remember what happened when you were using alcohol or drugs? (Example – Can’t remember how I got home last night)
5. Do you ever hide how much you drink or use from others? This might be because you don’t want others to know how much or how often you are using or because you don’t want to share what you have.
6. Do you ever feel that in order to have fun or feel good that you must use alcohol or drugs? Do you find that most of the activities you are involved in include drinking or drug use?
7. Does your first drink or two go down faster than the others in order to get a “quick start?” Do you use drugs more quickly at the beginning of a using episode because you want to “get high” fast
8. Do you ever feel guilty about using alcohol or drugs or about the things you do when you are under the influence?
9. Have you experienced repeated times where you could not recall what happened when you were drinking or using and gotten into trouble because of your use?
10. Have you ever used the problems in your life as an excuse to drink or use drugs? Do you feel you have to use to be able to deal with these problems?
11.Have there been times that you found yourself drinking or using more than most people? Have you looked for people who drink or use as much as you do so that you “fit in?”
12. Have you felt bad about how your drinking or using hurts others? Have you felt that you didn’t know what to do to about it?
13.To provide intensive inpatient services to individuals with addictions whose clinical condition warrants treatment in an outpatient setting
14.To conduct comprehensive medical, emotional, behavioral, social and psychological assessment of clients.
15.To provide clinically sound, interdisciplinary, individualized treatment services to clients based upon the clinical assessments.
16.To assist clients in interrupting their pathological relationship with their addiction.
17.To assist clients, family members, and significant others in reclaiming or developing alternative coping and problem-solving methods to deal with life’s day-to- day problems.
18.To educate the client, family members, and significant others regarding the dynamics of addiction.
19.To conduct sessions, when appropriate, between the client and his school or employer, to enhance the tasks and functions of school or work performance.
20.To assist the client, family members, and significant others in entering an applicable 12 Step Program.
21.To assist the client, family members, and significant others in developing and initiating an individualized, continuing care plan of action for maintaining recovery.
22.To provide individualized, post-treatment support services and follow-up evaluations to assist the client, family members, and significant others in maintaining the gains made while in treatment.