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About Drugs
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About Drugs
Type Of DrugsMode Of IntakeEffectsDependancy Factor
CannabisGanja, Hashish, Bhang Smoking, Oral Mild euphoria, enhanced sensations, psychosis, impotency.Tolerance and Psychological dependence develop.
Narcotic Analgesics (Opium , Morphine , Codeine, Heroin , Buprenorphine , Methadone etc) Oral, Fume Inhalation, Injection. Euphoria, loss of pain & appetite, reduced libidoTolerance and dependence develop
Depressants (Sedative hypnotics – Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Alcohol) Oral.Relief from anxiety/tension, euphoria, depression, impaired sexual functions.Tolerance does not develop uniformly. Physical and psychological dependence develops.
Hallucinogens LSD- (lysergic diethyl amide)PCP- (Phencyclidine) Oral, Snorting, Smoking. Mood swings, Pseudo-hallucinations, LSD precipitated psychosis etc.Tolerance develop rapidly.
Stimulants (Amphetamines , Cocaine etc) Oral, Snorting Euphoria, increased agility, loss of appetite, mood swingsTolerance and dependence develop
Volatile Solvents (Dendrite, Erasex )Sniffing.Euphoria, Hallucinations, permanent brain damage etc.Psychological dependence develop
Carisoma PlainOralMuscle Relaxants-
Spasmo Proxyyon,FortwinOralPainkillers-
Corex PhensydylOralAnti Histamines-